I SMELLED it before I saw it. It was like being punched in the face. My head turns and my eyes follow; my gaze locking onto the array of fish corpses laid out on ice. It was like little fish popsicles shining in the florescent light of the super market.

It’s my turn to cook Friday night “family dinner.” Having never eaten fish growing up, I’m not a huge fan – even to this day. It’s not that I won’t try it now and then. I’m always open to the possibility of my taste buds having a change of heart, but I am not ready for fresh fishy cuisine tonight. I especially wasn’t ready for it while I was asphyxiated on my beloved cans of corn.

It happened all of a sudden. The rotting sea breeze stench wafted its way over to me and tapped me on the shoulder. Just as our eyes met, whabammm!; punched in the face with fish odor. It almost knocked me to the floor.

Have you ever seen a cow lung? I hope not, because lungs are meant to be on the inside of bodies. We know the general shape and that’s about enough. It has an important job and we need not interfere by sneaking peeks at it. This goes for human or animal lungs, just to be fair. Yet, here I am, frozen in horror as I make out what appears to be… I think it’s…yep; cow lung.

The supermarket is really pulling out all the stops tonight. It’s like I wasn’t meant to cook tonight. Why me?

I manage to escape the gory monsters lurking in the chilled aisle and meander down to pasta. Pasta is a safe bet for tonight. And just because I haven’t had my daily intake of 500 grams of carbohydrates yet, let’s throw in potatoes and bread, because that’s what Spain does.

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