A MURCIA shepherd has won a decisive battle to protect his land against developers.

Spain’s Supreme Court upheld Pascual Carrion’s claim that a massive golf project in Jumila would leave him with no water for 500 sheep and 70 goats.

The project by developers San Jose Group envisioned the construction of nearly 2,300 homes near a golf course.

This is a second time the Supreme Court had to step in to protect Carrion’s rights.

The original court decision passed last December was challenged by Jumila Town Hall on the grounds that they could not present their arguments.

The Supreme Court’s second ruling now upheld the original decision.


  1. Thank heaven that there is mat least one área of Spain where the rights of the individual are valuable.
    I hope the mayor of Mijas sees this and feels a little shudder of guilt over the recent spiteful activities of his Ayuntamiento.

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