SPANISH salaries have risen by the fastest pace in Europe last year, despite the economic metldown.

Once inflation is taking into account, the real average monthly wage in Spain rose by 3.5 per cent, according to the new figures by UN’s International Labour Organisation.

Salaries in the stricken Spanish construction sector, however, have failed to hold up, falling by 11 per cent since 2007.

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  1. In which parallel universe was this nonsense released? I just spoke to a teacher friend (Spanish) and she said her salary has been cut. If you’re coming to a country to work and earn money, find another country.

  2. Just imagine, in one such Universe, Spain is a well run, efficient, full of employed people, no corruption of any kind, and the government tells the truth.

    Please can someone find the Higgs Boson quickly and create a portal so we can all move across?

  3. A mate of mine who works at my town hall was not paid a cent in June and July last year. No cash in the coffers apparently – well not for peones like him at least.He got the princely sum of €10 in August and then the rest in dribs and drabs. He is still not totally up to speed on what he is owed.

    I bet however that his full salary was the figure which made its way to the ILO…

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