A FREAK flood at an animal protection centre has swept numerous pets to their deaths.

Nine dogs and 11 cats drowned after rainwater poured into the PAD animal refuge in Mijas.

“It happened so quickly and if wasn’t for the volunteer helpers it could’ve been a lot worse,” said refuge vice president Lisa Emeny.

“It is a terrible situation. The losses are devastating to us.”

PAD claims the floods have been caused by the new sewage works next door.

The new wall built next to the treatment plant channeled the floodwater right towards the animal centre.

The centre’s manager Shantal Lancelot said: “This is the fifth year in a row that we are flooded. Every year is the same story.”

PAD is now compiling damage report and has issued a complaint against Mijas town hall.

The remaining 40 dogs and 150 cats are now safely back at the shelter but help is still needed to restore the building.

If you can help email info@padcatsanddogs.org

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  1. They should be made to rebuild the damaged animal shelter and rebuild / alter the flood management channel but this is Spain and even if it was people that drowned nothing will happen.

    They would tell you its your fault and move if you dont like it.

    Corrupt, selfish and arrogant.

  2. Stop moaning bout Spain! If u dont like how it goes in Spain you can always go back from where u came. Or do something about it yourself. Spain is going through hard times as it is, we dont need moaning brits as well.

  3. The people in Egypt moaned and complained a lot too, and they just ousted a corrupt government, and more will follow. Kate, you want to live in a World where nobody has an opinion and complains about nothing, even when things need complaining about.

    And Felix, I am back from where I came. My family tree traces back to Spain. Now calm down and go and help some of our little four legged friends; I’ve donated time to my local cat sanctuary – have you?

  4. Hello to all supporters of PAD. I was so sad to hear of the December floods and tried several times to contact by phone but could not get a reply on the number in the Costa del Sol News…..do you have a charity shop – if so could you let me have the address? I read with interest the comments of people in relation to the flood and to the attitude of ( I presume) the Town Hall with regard to compensating the rescue centre….sadly, we are living in recession hit times and I take the point that yes, this is Spain and things are done, or not done, the Spanish way. This centre sounds like a wonderful place and the people who run itand support it are clearly a great bunch – please furnish me with some information so I can help you in some way.

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