IT is always hugely rewarding when a newspaper’s story ends up with results.

There is no clearer case than our Turkey property fraud lead story.

Having been conned to the tune of 70,000 euros by the group of ne’erdowells, one victim Tony May wrote to a string of newspapers asking for help. He got it from just one – us, the Olive Press ~ who reported on his plight back in the summer, and then again the following issue.

So, it is with great pleasure to discover that our reports led to May being contacted by victims from all over the world. As a result he got the group together and finally got the Spanish police to swing into action. This week they finally closed down the Royal Resorts operation, arresting one of the ringleaders and continuing to seek others.

It is the duty of every good newspaper around the world to tackle these complex and time consuming stories. They are fraught with danger and the risk of being sued. But as we like to insist, the Olive Press the only proper community newspaper here in Andaiucia.

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