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Gibraltar bank sends 40,000 euros to wrong account in Thailand

EXCLUSIVE By Anatoly Kurmanaev

A CUSTOMER of a private bank in Gibraltar is fighting for the return of 40,000 euros that was wrongly sent to a third party on the strength of one rogue fax.

Diane Taylor appealed to the Olive Press after Jyske Bank transferred the money to a random bank account in Thailand.

The former Formula 1 marketing executive was in Morocco when the request for the money arrived in her name.

Incredibly, she insists the bank failed to check the payment with her and wired it to the Far East as requested.

Even worse, when the discrepancy was realised, she claims the bank failed to return the money immediately.

She is still fighting to get it all back two months later.

“They are an absolute disgrace and they ought to be exposed,” Taylor told the Olive Press.

“While I have managed to get most it back, they have not yet paid everything back.”

Now, the mother of one in her 40s revealed that she had been forced to bring in lawyers to deal with the matter.

She is particularly angry that the bank refused to give the money back despite the fact that she was 10,000 kilometers away from the fax’s source at the time.

Indeed, it was not until the Olive Press intervened just before Christmas that she started to make headway.

“It is incredible this only happened with the heavy threat of the press,” she said.

But Diane is still fighting to get back the rest of her money and is considering suing the Danish bank that has long had connections in Gibraltar.

A Jyske representative said: “Due to confidentiality reasons Jyske Bank (Gibraltar) is not in a position to comment on any concrete cases, nor can we confirm or deny whether we hold a relationship with Mrs Diane Taylor.”

Jyske has been in Gibraltar since 1987, when it acquired Banco Galliano, the oldest bank in the colony with a 120-year history.

Jon Clarke (Publisher & Editor)

Jon Clarke is a Londoner who worked at the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday as an investigative journalist before moving permanently to Spain in 2003 where he helped set up the Olive Press. He is the author of three books; Costa Killer, Dining Secrets of Andalucia and My Search for Madeleine.

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  1. “nor can we confirm or deny whether we hold a relationship with Mrs Diane Taylor.”

    So Mrs Taylor is making it up when she says she is a client of Jyske Bank? Fools. This bank should be sued for negligence. Great advert for them, they should have just told the truth immediately. Surprising too that the Dane’s were so incompetant on this occasion.

  2. Of course the bank are not going to discuss a clients business with the press that is why the are called a PRIVATE bank.

    Instead of talking to the media Mrs Taylor should complain to the bank, and then the regulator. Jyske are a highly reputable bank and she should have no problems IF the story is as simple as made out. Normally banks do not act on a fax because they are easily forged.

  3. BUT the fax instructions SHOULD have had a code-word or a security number attached to it only known to the account holder and bank – so it should really be a simple matter on who is at balme here!

  4. Jyske Bank Gibraltar Limited is a disgrace to the banking industry and to Gibraltar. I am presently in litigation with this bank involving a multi-million pound case where corruption, and manipulation has shown it´s hand both in Gibraltar and Spain.

    The public should be warned – in fact their repetitious advertising slogan in the SUR in English has the banner headline “RISK” . That should tell the public something; it goes on to say “How much risk are you willing to accept when investing ? Would you like a professional eye on your situation so that you are in a better position to invest in harmony with your attitude” To me, that says investing with this bank is a risky business and they offer their professional eyes to look after your investments . I think money under the mattress is safer – you can see it, you know exactly where it is and it’s safe. The biggest “risk” would be in becoming a customer of this bank and entrusting money into their hands.

    Jyske Bank disgraced themselves when, after acquiring Gibraltar´s oldest and best respected bank – Gallianos Bank ( a private family bank first established in 1855 ) in 1987. Within two years its then Managing Director – Mr Jan Henning Spjeldnaes had embarked on a course of embezzlement and fraudulent misappropriation of the bank´s money – by 1991 he had managed to embezzle over 71,000,000 pounds (Yes, seventy one million pounds – see internet Jyske Bank v Spjeldnaes). Despite this chief executive´s dismissal the rot was already set in and irregularities have permeated ever since.
    Last year Jyske Bank were fine 1,700,000 euros by the Spanish Supreme Court for its involvement in a money laundering case for refusing to provide information requested by the courts.

    Its parent bank Jyske Bank A/S in Denmark was ordered to pay back to customers over 100,000,000 euros for false and misleading selling of investments, a large amount of which was sold by their subsidiary in Gibraltar.

    Jyske Bank Gibraltar Limited tries to portray an image of respectability, with involvement in charitable events and clients´ wellbeing. Perhaps they should be asked why they are the bankers for one of Mr Mugabe´s white Zimbabwean multi-millionaire associates Conrad Muller “Jimmy” Rautenbach and his involvement with Camec (Central African Mining and Exploration Company). “Rautenbach is on the US and EU sanctions list, which means he cannot travel there nor can citizens of those countries trade with him, but he bankrolls some of Camec’s activities in Zimbabwe, and uses a Camec-connected company’s bank account at Jyske Bank, in British crown colony Gibraltar” (Press Statement- 2009).
    Questions should be asked about Mr Jo Hans Dieter Trutschler´s ill-gotten gains of 4,300,000 euros whilst he was a member of the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) conveniently banked with Jyske Bank Gibraltar Limited.

    These are just a couple of examples – dedicate research will reveal many other dubious areas that should be questioned.
    Despite its extensive advertising, Jyske Bank Gibraltar Limited is not a branch of Jyske Bank A/S Denmark and does not carry the international reputation of Denmark´s second largest bank. As a subsidiary, it is an independent banking entity (established in 1987) answerable only to the regulators in Gibraltar – The Financial Services Commission – headed up by Mr Marcus Killick. This authority will not intervene in disputes between customers and banks – Their role is to regulate the financial institutions in the interests of Gibraltar as a financial centre – not in the interests of the public or frustrated private customers.

    Anyone banking with Jyske Bank Gibraltar Limited would be well advised to either move their accounts or ask them just how RISKY doing business with them really is. From my point of view they are indeed ruthless, and cannot be trusted.

    For obvious reason I must remain anonymous – but I urge readers to check them out and the names mentioned above just for starters.


  5. I also had a very bad and expensive experience with Jyske. I would love to get in touch with John.

    I appreciate he wished to remain anonymous as for the moment do I, but is it possible to give him my details

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