22 Apr, 2011 @ 09:30
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Spanish breastfeeding baby doll in paedophile row

A SPANISH doll that allows young girls to imitate breastfeeding has sparked controversy in the UK and America.

The ‘Breast Milk Baby,’ or so-called ‘greedy baby,’ made by Alicante-based Berjuan Toys, has sold 30,000 copies in Spain since it was first introduced in 2009.

But, now the doll – which makes sucking noises – has been met with outrage from parents in Britain and the US.

Although many health experts promote the benefits of breast-feeding, critics insist the doll is sexualising children, believing the idea to be too grown-up.

The harshest criticism came from the US show The O’Reilly Factor which claimed: “It incites paedophilia.”

But a Spanish toy market analyst laughed off the criticism, saying: “Here parents are delighted, especially those who have a second child: as mother and daughter can feed their babies together.”

Wendy Williams

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  1. This is a fantastic doll!!!…America sexualizes the breast too much!…

    Women have breasts TO FEED their babies!

    …After all, if our ancestors didn’t bf, we would be extinct!
    My opinion?….lighten up America! We NEED to teach our CHILDREN how to be parents, this includes feeding of an infant, and nurturing a child.

    Ya’ know the milk that is actually made for our babies and has thousands of benefits!!!!

  2. This is the least of the problems children will face in their lifetimes. The Spanish toy market analyst was quite correct. It is the O’Reilly Factor that is infinitely more dangerous to children, and adults, alike.

  3. Angry? You bet.

    It just shows that people in Britain have got a massive hangup about what they perceive to be the sexual aspect of breastfeeding. It’s not sexual, it’s about keeping our young alive. Is milking cows sexual? No. So why is feeding babies sexual?

    I suppose they worry the sight of children pretending to breast feed in public will incite the paedophile offender? Well the sight of children doing anything incites these people.

    Why? How about a culture that makes underage girls sexual objects: if you don’t believe me – take a look at your average fashion mag and see gawky 14 year old models striking submissive poses. The editors will tell you they are over 16 – so what when they look like kids?

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