A SHOCKING seven municipalities in Malaga have been denounced by the EU for sewage problems.

The Spanish government is now in the firing line of the European Court of Justice for failing to comply with European legislation on waste water treatment in 38 towns and cities.

Following an initial complaint made in 2008 by the European Commission, Spain has been ordered to pay costs and must now take steps to meet European standards.

According to the EU directive any urbanisation with more than 15,000 inhabitants should have had a treatment system for urban waste water in place by 2001.

Interestingly the ruling comes as Nerja’s long-awaited sewage treatment plant has finally gone to tender.

The licensing of the project to develop the construction plan and to build the plant has been authorised so work can get started.

The news was announced by the Secretary of State for Territorial Cooperation, Gasper Zarrías who said that, while no date had yet been set for work to start, he expected things to move, “very quickly.”

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  1. In the above article dated May 2011 you say that the Nerja sewage plant has gone out to tender.
    However, here we are February 2012 and the Mayor of Nerja has just said that there is no money for the Nerja sewage plant and nothing has been done.

  2. The Spanish squander money on a metro for Granada (insane) and high speed trains for passengers instead of h/s trains for commerce.

    I remember visiting Malaga some 9 years ago and there were Spanish girls (it was out of season) sunbathing on the awful builders rubble type beach with streams of sewage making it’s way into the sea – has this changed yet?

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