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Critical cancer delay

EXCLUSIVE by James Bryce

A WOMAN suffering from an aggressive form of cervical cancer has hit out at a private clinic for failing to spot a large and potentially life-threatening tumour.

Lorraine Ford, 43, is planning to sue the Costa del Sol clinic for negligence, alleging they told her on several occasions that she had nothing to worry about.

This was despite continuous pains in the abdomen, which were clearly not going away.

So concerned was the single mother that she eventually sought specialist help in another private clinic in Marbella, three months later, where she was immediately diagnosed with an eight cm wide tumour.

Hairdresser Ford, who is now undergoing intensive treatment, is angry that valuable time which could have been spent receiving care has now been lost.

“I just don’t want any woman to have to go through what I’ve been through”, she said. “I wouldn’t wish it on the Devil”.

Ford, who is facing an agonising wait to find out if it is curable, underwent various internal examinations and swab taking at the clinic, but alleges she was repeatedly told it was an ulcer.

She claims that at one point she was told her cervix had dropped, but that the gynaecologist in Marbella later informed her that the ‘cervix’ was in fact the tumour.

Ford has just completed a course of chemotherapy and radiotherapy and hopes the tumour is in remission.

“I really hope this is going to now be resolved,” she added. “My lawyers are taking the case forward.”

The clinic meanwhile completely refutes the allegations and threatened legal action when contacted by the Olive Press.

It insists that Ford initially refused the clinic’s suggestion to see a gynaecologist and say the matter has been referred to the Junta’s health authority.

“Our clinic is a nurse led service, we do not have a doctor and therefore cannot diagnose as a doctor can,” a spokesman for the clinic said.

“In cases where we feel there is a cause for concern or if the patient wishes, we advise them to see a doctor,” he added.

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  1. This story doesnt seem to make sense, its awful that she finds herself in this situation but the story is very inconsistent, for example she says shes waiting for results but has already had treatment!!! Surely we all have responsibility for our own bodies and if we are advised to see a specialist and choose not to then its our own fault… Seems to me that this lady is angry and just lashing out at the wrong people.

  2. When having these kinds of investigations, swabs would have
    been taken and sent to a laboratory. It is on their recommendation that further treatment or follow-up is required. Therefore it seems that what the clinic is saying would be the usual procedure. As a therapist myself, I know that people do not always take the advice they are given.
    I wish the lady well. But don’t blame others for your own oversight.

  3. They did take swobs and told me all was ok…re read Jacqueline …to be told for over 3 and a half months I was ok when I knew i was not ..I went to them because something was wrong…after tests n swobs to be told i was ok… when they examined me 2 times … n had part of tumour sent off n still be told i was ok…so go figure n put your self in my situation… to be told by a gyno he could not beleive she missed an 8cm tumour in my virgina … how would you feal ???

  4. obvously carol d should not be reading if she fails to understand what is written, it clearly states that the clinic failled on numerous occasions to even notice an 8cm tumour even after swabs they took and apparently sent off came back clear.. lorraine did not feel that this was correct as she was still in pain so took it on herself to seek private help elsewehere this carol would be what you would call taken responsability for yourself!! i wonder how your opinion would change if this was your daughter or sister that hs now lost valuble time with friends and family. read propperly before you state your opinion.

  5. in reply to jacquelines and carols comments, the story is NOT inconsistent she went to them as she thought something was wrong They did take swabs and the results said she was ok!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO LETS HOPE YOU OR A MEMBER OF YOUR FAMILY DONT HAVE THIS PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!!! IF IT WAS YOU OR YOUR FAMILY MAYBE YOU WOULD NOT BE SO QUICK TO SAY IT IS HER FAULT!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Carol doesn’t state what sort of therapist she is, after reading both ladies negative and insensitive comments, I urge them both to go and see one!!!! Hopefully they will never have to go through such illness or care for anyone who is. Ladies your judgement disgusts me.

  7. Hear , hear to both Steph and Aimiee,s comments . Those that know Lorraine know what she and her family have been through . Lorraine following her intuition that all was not in fact ok went to another clinic at which point the tuour is so large that the chances of a favourable outcome are lessend quiet considerably and she , her family and her friends are understandably extreemly upset and angry at this … Had the initial swab and following result had been correct and if Lorraine had been told she needed to follow this up as a matter of urgency she would have done so . Now all we can do is pray that Lorraine our dear dear friend can lead a life as fulfilled and happy as this cancer will allow !

  8. My comment was that we have only one side of this story and that no matter what the situation, it is not a fair and balanced case until we hear both sides. Nothing is to be gained by insulting anybody,so if you wish to be taken seriously, then I suggest that you reply with facts only.

  9. we have the facts carol you however do not so we suggest you get a hobby that is more usefull than being heartless and absent minded and leave this matter alone, if you are not happy with one side of the story do not read it and do not comment this is not lorraine trying to be malicous but her trying to stop other women being misdiagnosed and suffering what she is suffering now.

  10. We have the facts!!!!! Lorraine went to them to get checked she is now dying!!!!!!!!!
    WHAT PART OF THAT DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND!!!!!!!!! Let’s hope it never happens to you!!!!!!!!!

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