11 Oct, 2011 @ 09:17
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Going over the top of Spain

FOR anyone who has ever looked out of the window on a plane and wondered what was going on below, well know you can find out. The Royal Geographical Society has captured the journey from Madrid to Rio de Janeiro on a unique new website.

A team of researchers has compiled an online flight guide as part of a project to reveal the ‘Hidden Journeys’ around the world.

The new website includes a fabulous overview of Sevilla and the journey down its Guadalquivivir river towards the sea.

“Hidden Journeys explores the incredible places we see from the air,” explained researcher Susanna James.

“With the flight from Madrid we wanted to prove we could do one over an ocean and it turned out to be very interesting.

As well as Sevilla, the flight path crosses the spectacular volcanoes that form the Canaries and Cape Verde Islands.

The 13 flight paths created so far are brought to life by striking images and maps, some from online resources such as NASA and Flickr.

Moreover the website allows visitors to view the flight paths at three different altitudes, starting with what you would actually see from a plane.

“It allows people to explore the patchwork of places under a particular flight path, transforming an aerial jaunt from A to B into a fascinating journey,” added James.

For more information visit: http://hiddenjourneys.co.uk

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