16 Dec, 2011 @ 16:10
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Anger in Spain after cops drag dog

Anger in Spain after cops drag dog

DOG lovers in Estepona have been left horrified after a YouTube video showed a  police van dragging a dog by its lead.

The Andalucia animal charity CACMA has now filed an official complaint against the officers involved and Estepona Mayor Jose Maria Urbano is said to be taking it ‘very seriously’.

It comes after the incident was filmed by a concerned resident on his camera phone and posted to YouTube where it has been widely viewed.

The disturbing video clearly shows the animal being pulled along the middle of the road while the van drives off.

“We were shocked and horrified to see how police dealt with this dog,” said Mary Page, Vice-President of local animal charity ADANA. “We hope that the incident will be thoroughly investigated.”

Eloise Horsfield

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  1. This kind of inate cruelty is not uncommon as for these cops they must be the bottom of the barrel absolute scum of the eart. I know that other cops in Spain are both kind and compassionate towards strays so this is not run of the mill. I hope the mayor fires them and throws the book at them they of all people should be made an exampel of. They are cops and should protect and serve not torture maim and kill. Animals have a right to kind and compassionate treatment. To see this is heartbreaking.

  2. Absolutely no excuse whatsover for this behaviour. Disgraceful, inhumane and shows human beings at their worst. This is the 21st century, and we are supposed to be civilised.

    I do hope justice will be done against these officers, although sadly am doubtful it will be.

  3. Spain is compleet torture for animals look at how they tread the bulls and don’t forget the 50.000 Galgo’s per year dumped by the hunters.
    No this is not a country whome respect the animals.

  4. Joke & Galga’s although this act is totoaly barbaric please don’t judge the whole of Spain by this act. I have lived in SPain for 4 years and help out at a local rescue, they are wonderfull people who care about all animals and give there time voluntry and do all they can to save and rehome the animals they come across. I also know that there are many other rescues here that care as much.

  5. I couldn’t even bring myself to watch this horrific video for fear of being physically sick!!! These police officers should be sacked on the spot! but I very much doubt that they will be, as the general concensus with Spaniards is, oh well its only an animal (not all spaniards may I add). They have no respect at all for them, especially in Andalucia!! The treatment of Dogs and Cats is inhuman. They should have the same done to them and then we’ll see if attitudes change,but I doubt it. It seems to be generic!!

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