A BUDDING concert pianist is facing seven and a half years behind bars for  ‘practising excessively’.

The prosecutor is also demanding Laia Martin be banned for four years from any profession which uses a piano.

It comes after one of her neighbours accused her of being ‘excessively noisy’ causing psychological damage.

The neighbour claimed in 2003 that the 26-year-old from Girona played the piano at least five days a week, eight hours a day causing her great stress and forcing her to temporarily live somewhere else.

An inspection from the local Town Hall concluded that legal limits had indeed been broken.

However her defence lawyer, Marc Molins Raich, said the case is an abuse of penal legislation, which he said should be reserved for ‘very serious conduct.’


  1. Weird justice system, potential prison for a pianist; possible de-barring of Spain’s top anti-corruption judge; yet thousands of corrupt politicians, councillors, planners, lawyers who have dragged Spain to its knees walk free!!

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