22 Feb, 2012 @ 12:28
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Andalucian Junta’s ‘reptile fund’ cover-up

HUNDREDS of sensitive documents were allegedly destroyed in a bid to cover up the Junta’s so-called ERE corruption scandal.

It has emerged that the Junta’s current employment minister Daniel Rivera ordered 15 staff to spend the weekend covering all tracks of the billion-euro ‘reptile fund’.

The order came just days after an investigation was launched by the Guardia Civil, in which a ‘slush fund’ paid millions to friends and family of Junta officials.

Over a weekend in November 2010, the team were told to study files and track emails, storing lists of recipients on the boss’s USB stick.

They were asked to ensure everything was left as normal by the time the rest of the team came back to their desks on Monday morning.

In January, ex employment boss Javier Guerrero admitted there was a fund within the Employment Department for retirement pay-offs and to aid companies struggling in the crisis.

Much of the money came from central government and EU grants.

Meanwhile Guerrero’s ‘cocaine chauffeur’ Juan Francisco Trujillo has admitted to Andujar court that he had received two 450,000-euro grants for his two companies.
He told the court that he and his former boss spent ‘most’ of the money on cocaine, parties and drinks.

Eloise Horsfield

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  1. It’s just amazing that the 15, (15!!) staff did what they were told. There seems to something deeply, deeply wrong with the political class and the people that it attracts here.

  2. There is a serious lack of integrity in Spanish politics. But what do you expect in a country where the perpetrators of the worst campaign of summary executions since world war 2 are protected by the Spanish constitution.

  3. The problem is serfs, always has been. Ben these 15 were’nt ‘the political class’ they were civil servants, with the serf mentality.

    Imagine when that awful woman first propounded the theory of the Poll Tax, where for those who don’t remember (or don’t want to remember) a banker living in a multi-million pound home was going to pay the same tax as someone living in a bedsit. If the Civil Service as a block let her know that no way would they implement this openly Fascist measure – it would have had to be dropped.

    When the fatman Clarke started privatising the NHS, all hospitals could have refused to work under the grossly overpaid ‘cheif executives’ or better ‘told them their fortunes’ unless they left the hospital immediately and never returned but that would mean that they were’nt serfs, sadly we all know they were and are.

    Why is’nt the EC sending in teams of investigators – because the EC budget has’nt been passed for many a long year. The truth is that passivity amongst Europe’s ordinary people has created this Europe wide sense of entitlement by the political class – the solution is simple, quick if a little bloody but that will never happen until the European serfs find the courage to stand up and be counted – don’t hold your breathe.

  4. If you have a Junta which has just spent thousands of taxpayers money persuading a court that a pensioners home in Albox must be demolished, despite being fully legal in all respects, then anything is possible. The Junta is in the hands of crooks, milking the population for all it’s worth, it could take another civil war to dislodge these parasitic creeps.
    But the fault must mainly lie with the voters, as Stuart says, the ‘serfs’ who gave them the power.
    Until the dawn of reality strikes most of the Spanish population, nothing will change.

  5. Recall that the EU’s own auditor, Marta Andreasen, was sacked when she refused to sign off the accounts as they were littered with errors and doubtless corrupt activities. They still haven’t been signed off to this day, I don’t think. The hope of getting any justice in Spain, or indeed any EU country, is a total waste of time when the entity itself is corrupt.

  6. I agree with Antonio2, unless TAXPAYER ACTION follows the realization that “Taxation without representation is tyranny” nothing changes.. just lots of worthless hot air expelled.

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