By Wendy Williams

A RUGBY referee could face prison and a certain ban after attacking a 16-year-old player for a late tackle.

The Spaniard has been reported to the police after forward Facundo Cerdera was punched in the face during an Under 18 game between Malaga and Axarquia Rugby Club.

The incident happened after Cerdera late tackled the son of the referee.

“It was a moment of madness on his part,” Axarquia rugby club spokesman Briton Nick Vallance told the Olive Press.

“Everyone thought a yellow card was about to be produced instead the referee ran towards the player, who was on his knees getting up, and threw a full punch into the face of the boy.

“The referee then threw his whistle to the ground muttering ‘I don’t want to be a referee anymore’ and effectively sent himself off for violent conduct.”

Following the assault the match was abandoned and Cerdera was taken to a nearby hospital for a check-up after complaining of soreness inside his ear.

His parents then reported the referee to police.

While Malaga rugby club refused to give the referee’s name, spokesman Manuel Castro said: “His actions go against our code of conduct.

“It was not at all like him, he has never done anything like this before.

“There was obviously a conflict between his role as a referee and that of a father.

“But he made a mistake and he recognises that.”

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  1. His son must be mortified. Imagine how his pals will take the mickey, big tough rugby player needs his dad to stick up for him. The whole thing amounts to assault with bodily harm. Bust the man, take money off him and make him work for the community without pay for a while. Job done. Oh, and no more reffing of course…

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