By Eloise Horsfield

AN expat wishing to regulate his illegal property has fallen at the first hurdle after Competa Town Hall sent him away when he tried to get the necessary paperwork.

It comes despite the Junta passing a decree in January promising the legalisation of 250,000 properties in Andalucia – but Albert Vickers, 67, insists town hall officials have been ‘useless.’

“They said they haven’t got the papers and they don’t know what I’m talking about,” said Vickers, originally from Bournemouth. He has been unable to move into his house because it has no electricity or water.

However Phillip Smalley, head of the English-run residents group Save Our Homes Axarquia (SOHA) insisted all the town halls have been to seminars to explain how it will work.

“We are advising all our members to do nothing for now,” said Smalley, who represents many of the owners of the estimated 11,000 illegal homes in the Axarquia. “I suggest Mr Vickers joins SOHA so we can look at his individual case and give him the advice he needs,” he added.

When the Olive Press contacted the town hall a spokesperson said: “The decree states that some properties will be legalised, but not all. Anyone who wants help can come into the town hall and we will do our best,” she added.

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  1. If John attempted to sort this out without some support he was on a loser right from the start. I had to regularise an extension we built on our property a few years ago and went straight to a local abogado who sorted everything out within 4 weeks. Total cost about 3000 Euros (having been quoted over 5000 by a gestor) including all taxes notary and registration fees and an architects technical report. We did have permission for the extension originally but it had never signed off. If no permission exists for building John’s villa, I would say he should blame the lawyer who arranged the sale in the first place for not doing their job properly. So I would suggest the right approach from the onset, rather than put it down to a lack of co-operation from the local Town Hall.

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