3 May, 2012 @ 09:30
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Church supports ‘stolen babies’ nuns

SPANISH bishops have expressed their ‘support’ for Sister Maria Gomez Valbuena, the nun at the centre of the stolen babies’ scandal.

Juan Antonio Martinez Camino claimed her convent was the  victim of a ‘smear campaign.’ However he insisted the Church would ‘collaborate with the courts.’

Sister Maria – the first nun to be questioned as part of the investigation – refused to testify in court. The 87-year-old later issued a statement denying the accusations.

Meanwhile a second nun Juanja Alonso, 97,  is also due to be questioned in the ongoing investigations.

James Bryce

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  1. A truly SAD story. And even if the RC Nuns are somehow found Guilty, little will be accomplished to satisfy the childrens’ parents – other than vengence.
    The children taken are VERY long since missing (Police can’t find the highly-publicized McCann girl after only 5 years)
    the Nuns have no money to pay Compensation, the RC Church in Spain is not indicted/named Defendents in the case,
    one Nun is 87 and the other being questioned is 97 years old – to be jailed at taxpayers’ expense for LIFE? Little
    wonder there is a huge Court backlog!

  2. You would think that Catholic church would get tired of always being on the wrong side of history. No I´m joking, this comes as no surprise at all. The church´s MO has always been; cover up, obfuscate, blame the victim, claim to be the victim.

  3. Does it surprise or shock anyone that the bishops in Spain would support this nun? I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the bishops were the ones responsible for coming up with the plan of selling babies, just to add to the coffers of the Church!

  4. The RC Church in Spain should start re-building their legal War Chest. If the Nuns are found Guilty by the Court, it’s most likely the RC Church will be sued in Civil Court to pay Compensation – Plaintiffs & and their Abogados go AFTER THE MONEY just like they did in the USA after RC Priests were found Guilty of abusing children. A serious abuse of trust

  5. When I was a little boy, the Catholic priests pressed all boys in school to partake in a procession, each child was forced to hold high, with their right hand,.. a brick.
    No one seems to know the reason why. But many people have become aware of the cruel criminal activities of the Catholic church, and can now express their concern without being tortured and burned alive by the their Inquisition.

  6. I love the catholic church. I have spent most of my life in catholic circles and have always experienced support, understanding, forgiveness and love. The Church does massive amounts if charity and development work in the world. It’s teachings are both challenging and beautiful. It’s about time you looked again!

  7. Angela – we have looked again and again and again and all we find is sexually perverted priests and nuns / a heirachy that has always supported Fascism / that is hand in hand with the mafia /that has always lived off the fat of the land – when was the last time you saw a skinny priest / a Pope that goes to a conference on poverty wearing huge solid gold rings – where is the evidence that he has ever paid homage to the ‘vow of poverty’.

    Your ‘church’ spends lots of money on indoctrinating and intimidating – a lot like the Red Fascists did and still do in countries like China and North Korea.

    Quite simply those nasty Romans hijacked the nascent Christian movement and turned it into an instrument of extortion – you will go to hell if you don’t cough up and we will torture you (Inquistion) if you dare to challenge our authority or exterminate as they did with the Cathars.

    I find it hilarious that a woman stands up for a 100% mysoginistic power structure that is the antithesis of all the teachings of a wrongly named prophet – it should be Josiah not Jesus (Jesus is Greek).

    There are a few freaks, some nasty like Tony The Liar who choose to belong to your organisation but I know of plenty of ex-catholics whose views would be unprintable.

    In a world that is being destroyed by over population, still you Catholics spout that God will provide even though quite clearly this ‘created fantasy’ does not.

    Those who are to frightened to take responsibility for their own lives always need a belief system to hide behind – the true coward.

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