VIOLENT and abusive police in Spain have been flagged up in a new human rights study.

The annual US State Department’s report highlighted mistreatment and excessive force used by police at demonstrations.

In particular the report mentioned a 15M protest in Barcelona last May when ‘videos showed police hitting men and women with batons while they were sitting on the ground with their hands in the air.’

The Olive Press reported how a football riot broke out at a football game between Sevilla and Tottenham three years ago, after a riot policeman struck a female supporter in the face.

The report also highlighted other protests against health and education cuts.

The report drew attention to the problem of gender-based domestic violence and immigration issues.

It also criticised how police used ‘ethnic and racial profiling’ to meet arrest quotas.

The main focus of the report however was China, where conditions were said to remain ‘extremely poor’.

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  1. “Interesting” for the UK Gov’t to note of Spain’s possible violation of Human Rights… along with China’s, Somalia’s …. along with Syria’s…. along with N Korea’s…. along with several Eastern European countries, Germany during WW2,… along with the US & England during the slave trade & labor in gold/diamond mines in Rhodesia, et al. QUESTION!??

    With UK now preventing Syrian entry to UK for the Olympics due to Human Rights violations… will UK restrict others?!

    “View the Olympics NOW on BBC – Luxembourgh vs Andorra!!”

  2. The report was issued by th e US Government: agreed virtually all countries will have isolated instances of human rights violations. Even in the UK individual police officers can be guilty.
    But these are not State authorised violations and do not compare to the State authorised mass murder such as is taking place in Syria every day.
    Several other countries should be included but mostly their human rights are slowly improving and an Olympic ban might have a negative effect.
    But in a civilised country such as Spain, guilty individuals should be thrown out of the police force for the disgrace they bring on good, hard working officers, as well as their country.

  3. the amount of protesters that are on the street vs cops is mind boggling….these cops are nothing compared to the US….the cops in the US do this every weekend….for nothing…these protests in Spain for surely overwhelmed the cops there….the moment a cop enforces the rules in spain anglo american expats start hurling the F-bombs…F meaning Franco….while I was there I wish Franco could have been there one day to deport the whining anglo-americans….trust me you have to step out of line big time to get busted for anything in Spain…why do you think the UK tourists act as they do when they are on holiday?…drinking, puking and causing trouble….they know they can….the brits leave the UK to get away from a repressive way of life and government…

  4. Maybe you have enough money never to protest Michael, but if you don’t and feel anger at the cuts while the rich prosper, just watch this video.


    These are your countrymen and women being beaten, protesting about cuts which affect their existence. Maybe you will never protest after watching this. That’s the reason for the brutality, to stop you protesting.
    This video is just one of many videos, taken by photographers from many countries.
    You need to open your eyes and attempt to see what others see, forget your prejudice against the nations which freed Europe from Hitler and Mussolini. It’s a pity our efforts stopped at the Spanish border, Spain needed freedom from tyranny and corruption as much as the rest of Europe.
    Our comments are meant to help people like you to face the real world and strive for the freedoms we take for granted. They are not criticisms.
    Did you know that the third richest man in the entire world is a Spaniard?

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