IT could be described as the ultimate expose and brings new meaning to the term ‘news package’.

But a controversial scheme to hire naked journalists has unsurprisingly caused outrage among union leaders on the Costa del Sol.

In an apparent publicity stunt reminiscent of Kelvin MacKenzie’s News Bunny in the 1990s, a Marbella-based media organisation is hiring hacks aged 18 to 40 with a ‘good presence’ to work in the nude.

The work is believed to be for programming aimed at the adult leisure sector, but has been slammed by opponents of the scheme, who claim the requirement is an ‘abuse’.

The Malaga Press Association, which represents journalists in the province, is considering legal action after demanding the withdrawal of the advert from employment sites.

A lawyer has filed a denuncia against the unnamed firm on the grounds that the job offer – which requires no qualifications or experience – is an abuse.

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  1. Jon Clark…. NEVER!! Especially after any eating period.
    I can offer my news services based on my reactions when the Financial & Commodity Markets go UP… at less cost
    to my services when those markets go DOWN.
    Don’t we ALL?

  2. Why are people outraged? If they don’t want to work in the nude they don’t have to apply do they? Some people need a hobby, something to keep their own lives interesting so they don’t have to fill their days ruining everyone else’s!

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