19 Jun, 2012 @ 09:20
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Expat driven to despair by car dealer in Spain

By Wendy Williams

A BRITISH expat has denounced a car dealer over allegations of fraud.

Rodney Quinn, 59, a former Royal Marine, claims staff at the Sertesa concession in Malaga increased the final price and duped him into signing a blank loan agreement after buying a second-hand Land Rover Freelander last December.

Quinn, who lives in Velez Malaga, claims he agreed a final sale price of €35,000 with a down payment of €10,000 and a loan of six per cent over five years.

But when he questioned why he had to sign a blank loan agreement, he claims he was assured it was normal practice in Spain. “Six weeks later I received a copy of the financial agreement but the figures were not the same as we had agreed,” Quinn told the Olive Press.

“The final price was €46,640, plus the registration number was not on it and the car was down as a new car.”

Quinn later returned to the showroom to demand an explanation but claims the staff insulted him “They just said ‘stupid English, you signed it’ and were very rude.

“The salesman even argued he had done me a favour as they are not allowed to give a payment plan for second-hand cars and couldn’t see why I was annoyed.

“But I am living off a war pension, I cannot afford to pay more than what we agreed on, and I am the victim of fraud.”

He continued: “Land Rover finance even admitted at one point they were wrong but said that I would have to pay to fix all the paperwork.

“I am now being harassed by the staff. I am getting eight calls a day from them saying I am behaving badly and that I need to pay.

“I just want my money back now. I will return the car.”

When the Olive Press called Sertesa a spokesman claimed the allegations were false.

“It is a lie that we asked him to sign a blank document; he signed it in front of me. This contract has everything it should. “He still needs to pay for the car, and the matter is now being dealt with by our lawyer.”

Meanwhile a spokesman for Land Rover said it has nothing to do with the matter.

Quinn confirmed that this week he had been to see the head of Malaga’s anti-corruption department.

“They are going to prosecute for falsification of documents,” he said.

Wendy Williams

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  1. As the economy gets worse there will be more of this, my advice sign nothing until you have had it read by an English speaking lawyer there are some good ones out there. Also lets not tar all Spanish people with the same brush there are just as many shady dealers in the UK as in Spain.

  2. How about making an effort to learn the local language? These things would not then happen. Bloody arrogant behaviour on the part of these economic migrants who like to call themselves “expats”.

  3. Yes, it’s all Mr Quinn’s fault, so that’s why Malaga’s anti-corruption department are investigating the dealership for falsification of documents lol. It would have been far more common sense to just give Mr Quinn proper customer service to avoid all of this.

  4. It’s easy to trust someone when soliciting help. And it’s not just the crisis; Spanish are Spanish. They take advantage of their own and would definitely take advantage of an expat.

  5. Car dealers are awful in a lot of countries.

    Don’t complain about your poor uk pension when buying some stupid 35.000 EUR SUV !!!!!!!!!!!

    You are dealing with crooks because you want your ego to be massaged and want to feel important..

    Learn to speak Spanish first it’s a nice language..
    Then take the bus for a while then just go to Germany and buy a nice car for 5k EUR..

    Your pension is paid by the Spanish and other poorer countries who got screwed by UK.. and they still welcome you…

    But instead of mingling with normal spanish people you want to be treated as royalty because you are some dumb english.. therefore you spend tons of money to buy respect…

    if you would have normal spanish friends they would have told you that the dealership is full of crooks and they money from the stupid expats and russian mafia or whatever..

    you are out of your league.. shut up and start painting or do something useful and you will earn the respect of normal people ..

    How about you buy a bicycle and buy some school supplies for some poor kids ? It’s healthier and you will become a hero..

    • Why oh why are we British so trusting and at times so dumb !!! Gone are the days where a deal was done on an honest word and hand shake. We Brits always have to learn the hard way !

    • Hmm, last time I checked it was me paying my taxes in Spain that got me a Spanish pension, and a UK pension is gained by continued payments of NI contributions in the UK. Does it really matter what you spend or how well off you are? People just want decent service. As for Spain being screwed, the truth is that it screwed itself and its people for decades.

      • Fred, I thought paying taxes in Spain is different than paying contributions into the Spanish Social System. Does that mean retired pensioners that pay taxes in Spain are entitled to claim a pension. Strange.

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