AN ex-councillor found with 690 kilos of hash in the back of his van has claimed he has ‘no idea’ how it got there.

The former politician was arrested in Ceuta as he was about to get on the ferry to Algeciras.

When questioned by the police he denied all knowledge of the drugs and claimed he had only borrowed the van to help him move.

But he failed to give clear details of who he had borrowed the van from.

“What? 690 kilos of hashish in the back of my furgo? How did that get there?” he said when confronted by police.

But his ignorance failed to win over the police or the judge and he is currently awaiting trial in Los Rosales jail.

Meanwhile police believe the drugs are not from Morocco but come from plantations in Pakistan, the first time such a seizure has been made.

It suggests a new drug route.


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