WHEN flamenco music is combined with bullfighting, the performance is always powerful and emotional.

And that is exactly what audiences can expect from Estrella Morente, who is getting ready to sing at Malaga’s bullring ‘La Malagueta’ on August 25.

“It is a really big responsibility to sing in a bullring,” said the Granada-born singer, daughter of flamenco great Enrique Morente.

“It is a sacred place for me and it will be hard to separate nerves from emotion.”

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  1. A bullring is a “sacred place”? What a load of baloney. It’s a place where bulls are tortured, then, when suitably weakened, put to the sword by a strutting clown in a fancy suit. How about a little song from the bulls point of view Estrella?

  2. R.P.L. – “If you are a true Vegan and do not have anything that is made of any kind of leather, then you can have this opinion. BUT if that is not the case, then please understand another’s view and respect it as I do yours.”

    Agree 100%. We all use the exact same animal in ways that are cruel and result in the death of the animal – the only difference is the specific context (abuse in a slaughterhouse or abuse for sport).

    It also smacks of ethnocentrism to hear foreign individuals do it. Even if a majority of the population dislikes the practice it is a huge part of Spanish culture (ever notice all of the bull-themed items at every single tourist kiosk, everywhere?). It’s like going to Haiti and hearing people talk about how cruel and uncivilized Vodou is, or going to the Yamamoto in Brazil and calling them “barbarians” because they still practice tribal warfare.

  3. In that case a slaughterhouse is a “sacred place”. A quick bolt in the brain does not compare to a long, drawn out torture, by a bunch of cowards with horses, lances, darts and swords. Which also serves to brutalise the watchers, leaving them with their infamous contempt for animal welfare. Just because it is “culture” doesn’t mean it is above criticism.

  4. Morente called it sacred because her husband and father of her children is Javier Conde, whom she has seen in the bullring in peril of his life. And it is the place that she has prayed for his safety countless times. THAT is what makes it sacred for her.
    Why do you keep bringing up the word “sacred” that Morente used out of context? I think Reality is right and you need to think outside your ethnocentric box. You make a lot of blanket statements that are simply untrue.

  5. Around 1970 I went to Madrid at your father Enrico’s invitation .Sorry to hear that you lost your father. I have a cassette of your father only , if possible I like to meet with you. probably I will be in Madrid coming Nov.with a Indian Classical music group

    hoping to hearing from you

    Ananta Kumar Sarkar

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