SPAIN has made an official complaint to the British government after accusing Gibraltar of performing a ‘U-turn’ over the fishing ban.

Outraged officials in Madrid sent a memo to London reiterating their stance that the waters around the Rock were not ceded to Britain under the terms of the Treaty of Utrecht.

The protest comes just days after Gibraltar’s government announced it would be maintaining the ban on commercial fishing with nets in its waters.

After receiving the results of a preliminary report by marine experts, it claimed there were a number of ‘serious gaps in the data’ which were hampering further analysis.

It also said the report had identified a number of species that ‘may be over-exploited’ and that it was affecting catches.

The fallout led to long delays at the frontier, while a number of reports over the weekend suggested Spanish fishing boats had continued to flaunt the restrictions by fishing in Gibraltar waters.

La Linea mayor Gemma Araujo described the announcement as a ‘disappointment’ and called for negotiations to continue between the Spanish fishermen and officials in Gibraltar.

A spokesman for the fishermen slammed the findings of the report, accusing the commission of lacking ‘anyone with knowledge about fishing’.

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  1. Inthe name,
    you need to read posts with more attention and belief systems don’t come into it at all.

    Nowhere did I say that the Euskadi were Celts – the Euskadi lived across most of western Europe when the Celts arrived over 6000 years ago.

    You should also note that wiki entries are far from factual.

    Your rambling historical comments show someone who cannot accept that they were taught b/s at school – such weakness undermines everything else you state. It is you who ‘believes’ not I, I prefer historical facts to base my comments on.

    David M – it’s sad when so many just cannot handle the fact that they were brainwashed at school and that applies to all societies. By the time I was 13 I suspected that the ‘history’ I was being taught was racially biased and so set about finding out for myself and the local library contained ‘other’ sources that were a revelation. Davies book – The Welsh should be required reading across the whole of the UK but then all the ‘English/Aryan’ propoganda fairytales would be fit only to be processed into something useful – like toilet paper.

    No mention of the Pacification campaign in 1746, no mention of the death camps at Maritzburg – oh no – point the English finger at those nasty Germans for that invention and on and on.

    People of Gibralter – just give the Francoists the finger.

  2. @InTheName: The more you urinate into the wind, the worse you look.
    @StuartCrawford: I accept that a few people cannot get past their oversimplified school education. But i believe that most people realise history is written by the victors, and the truth is as entertaining as it is complicated.
    I suspect your narrow group of likeminded friends are the cause of your jaded view on humanity.
    Admittedly my friends are academics and researchers, and they have no problem with a coastal trading civilization all up the west of europe… i guess i ‘believe’ in villages trading, whereas you ‘believe’ in isolated groups inbreeding and developing culture all alone. Good luck with that.

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