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Irresponsible anglers’ fish hooks on Fuengirola’s dog beach poses big risk to canines

RECKLESS fishermen leaving baited hooks on Fuengirola dog beach are putting pooches in deadly danger. Spokesman for the Municipal Citizens–Party at the Fuengirola City Council,...

Fishing spots in Spain and Gibraltar included in Top 10 in Europe

FISHING spots in Gibraltar and Spain have been named among the best in Europe.

Marbella named as one of Europe’s ‘best fishing destinations’

MARBELLA has been named one of the 'best fishing destinations' in Europe, according to a report published this week. FishingBooker, the world’s largest website for...

Viking invasion: This is why the Scandis love Estepona

IT'S easy to speak warmly about a wonderful place like Estepona - a genuine town with all year round vegetable markets and ham festivals,...

Estepona’s seafaring tradition is the salt adding seasoning to its tourist offer

STILL a working fishing town, much of Estepona's cash flow surges from the port. The importance of the maritime trade is obvious at the Ethnographic...

Dolphins caught stealing from fishermen

Robin Hood-style amphibians sneak up on fishing boats and rip open their nets after they have landed a big haul

Junta raiding Costa del Sol restaurants in crackdown on illegal fishing

Those caught with illegal fish could face hefty fines and even prison sentences.

Octopus fishing banned in the Axarquia from this September

Fishermen are furious, claiming the eight-legged sea creatures account for 60% of their income

Spain hopes to open new fishing markets in far east and the US

Secretary-General of Fisheries Andres Hermida said China and India are attractive

End of the line for Spain’s most notorious illegal fishing family

A brave pursuit by ecologists could finally spell the end of one of Spain’s top fishing gangs, writes Joe Duggan

Illegal fishing crews denounced for killing Bay of Algeciras dolphins

Spanish environmental groups have submitted complaints that illegal tuna fishing in the Straits of Gibraltar is leading to the ‘unnecessary deaths'

Children fishing in Gibraltar are threatened with fines

The Rock’s budding fisherman have allegedly been slapped on the wrists by environment officials for fishing without a licence

Basking shark washed up dead on Cadiz beach wrapped in fishing debris

A shark tangled up in fishing debris has been washed up on the beaches of Cadiz

Let the tuna season commence!

Tuna-lovers are descending on the Costa de la Luz with the bluefin tuna season finally underway

Turtles get ‘the bends’ because of commercial fishing practices

Turtles that get caught in fishing nets die from decompression illness when released back into the sea

Caleta de Velez fishing harbour closed due to ‘red tide’

An influx of toxic organisms has forced the closure of Malaga’s biggest fishing harbour

The fish they call ‘pig of the sea’

The Costa de la Luz is famed worldwide for its succulent almadraba tuna, caught by an ancient art and turned into groundbreaking gastronomy by the region’s maritime masterchefs, writes James Southeran
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Spain to boost global fight against pirate fishing

Massive boost to project puts Spain in leading position

Spain blamed for ‘wall of death’ wiping out British sharks

Spanish and Portuguese fishing fleets responsible for plummeting UK shark populations

NGOs demand end to Spanish destruction of deep-sea ecosystems

The practice of 'bottom trawling' is causing irreparable damage in the north east Atlantic Ocean

Brit reels in record-sized catfish while on holiday in Spain

Giant catfish pulled out of the River Ebro

Velez fishermen warn EU net restrictions could reduce Christmas supplies by 50%

Outrage after fishing boats intercepted in surprise inspection then reprimanded for using nets 2mm too small

Shark ‘finning’ finally outlawed in Spain

The EU has banned fishermen from slicing off sharks’ fins and discarding their bodies live

Europeans are overfishing sharks, warn conservationists

Oceana Europe have warned demand for omega-3 is causing an increase in overfishing of sharks

Hook a big cheque on the Costa del Sol

The fifth Fishing World Cup is to be held in Marbella on October 26

EU Court rejects Gibraltar appeal over local fishing

Territorial disputes continue to plague the waters around the Rock




Giant German Hell’s Angel boss accused of running operations in Mallorca acquitted on all charged

AN infamous German Hell’s Angels boss has been acquitted on all charges of organised crime and drug trafficking between 2009 and 2013 after his...


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