A SHAKE-UP in British secondary education will see GCSEs being completely scrapped.

As part of education minister Michael Gove’s plan to improve teaching of core subjects such as English, maths and science, new exams will be introduced from 2015.

The new exams will be modelled on O-levels, that were phased out in 1988.

Other reforms – which have been labelled as the government’s boldest yet – will include getting rid of the national curriculum and only having one exam board for each subject.

“Those starting GCSEs in 2013 are the last pupils who will have to do them,” said a government statement.

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  1. Fred – since there was no MAJOR corruption announced in Spain this week… this is a “filler piece”
    But seriously, until COMPETITIVENESS comes back into the educational system in UK, Spain, etc, only the Asians and Indians will excell and get prime jobs. UK Politicians just don’t get it since they have a job with great pay & benefits whether they are good, bad or just plain dumb.

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