SPAIN is among the biggest beneficiaries of an EU food programme for the poor, according to official statistics.

The country is set to receive €85.6 million, second only to Italy (€98 million), as part of the policy aimed at reaching 18 million people in 19 member states.

Funding for the €500 million scheme will come from the EU’s common agriculture policy and will see neighbours Portugal receive €19.5 million.

The European Commission had proposed a €2.5 billion free food programme to run from 2014-2020, although financing for this is yet to be confirmed.


  1. And still Valencia wastes tons of tomatoes in their stupid festival which is actually an insult to all those who go hungry in the world.

    Not to mention that the Spanish let almonds/figs/apples/pears fall to the ground – can’t be bothered to get of their fat backsides and pick them.

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