SPAIN has denied accusations that one of its police launched shots at a Gibraltarian on a jet ski at the weekend.

Officials have objected to a complaint from the British government over a Guardia Civil patrol boat that apparently fired four shots at delivery driver Dale Villa, 32, on Sunday afternoon in Gibraltar waters.

He told the Olive Press exclusively last night how he was “terrified” when the patrol boat bore down on him and apparently fired one, then three shots at him.

He said: “I was very shaken and furious. When a huge boat is hurling after you and you hear gunshots it is very scary.

“Maybe these guys were bored it being a Sunday but I really hope something is going to be done about it.”

The British minister for Europe, David Lidington, submitted a formal protest to Spain’s Inigo Mendez de Vigo, calling the incident an ‘illegal incursion by a boat belonging to Spain’s civil guard.’

A spokesman from Spain’s foreign office  however responded today saying that the British government was “acting on an unchecked and unfounded rumour” and that they “strenuously denied any incident had occurred.”

Further reports are coming in of another incursion this morning involving an aggressive Guardia Civil boat.

The Olive Press continues to investigate this incident.

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