EVIDENCE seeming to support the story of the Gibraltar man claiming he was shot at by the Guardia Civil has been provided by the Gibraltar Broadcasting Corporation.

Shots can clearly be heard at about four seconds in.

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  1. Seems on the face of it unbelievable and just hope it’s not true.
    If it is, we are living in a country policed in part by madmen. They should be out catching the hugely profitable drug gangs, not taking pot shots at someone enjoying himself. Cranky is hardly the word for it.
    It can’t even be classed as third-world behaviour, it’s way below that.

  2. So much for the Spanish denial that shots were fired, Gibraltar is British BY TREATY, if Spain are so keen on repatriation, perhaps they will give up their contested territories in Africa before testing the Treaty with Gibraltar in an International court…of course they won’t because they know they would lose.

    Another case of the humourless conquistador attitude which should have been buried in it’s barbaric past.

    I strongly suspect this is partly engineered to distract their peoples minds from the incompetent economic woes at home.

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