30 Jul, 2013 @ 13:01
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Youth gored to death in bull run


A TEENAGE boy has died in a running of the bulls outside of Madrid.

Last Saturday in the province of Albacete, a 16-year-old boy was gored in the thigh while running with the bulls.

Medical services took the wounded boy to the hospital, where he died several hours later.

The event, a celebration of the town’s patron saint, took place in the small village of Isso.

The festivities were suspended after Saturday by the town hall.


  1. I’m not sure it’s right to interfere with a country’s culture even if these people are one can short.

    Whenever they kill bulls after running them, it just seems plain wrong though and takes away any ‘local’ festivity of this kind of event as far as I’m concerned.

  2. The thing is, Mr Stevens, that the bulls are always killed the after the running – it’s all part of the bullfight “fiesta”.

    I don’t think you are intefering with Spain’s culture by disapproving of bullfighting, carrebous etc. The majority of Spaniards don’t approve of it and a good proportion are, very passionately, doing something about it.Join in!


  3. Nice try Jenny. But you won’t get much backing here. To quote the current Olive Press “Opinion” piece…. “To ban these events or scale them back drastically, would be to ruin the very best idiosyncrasies and original off-beat traits and traditions that makes Spain what it is… a great place to live and visit!”

  4. Stefanjo, I don’t want to waste too much time on you, but read this from the Times Literary Supplement.


    I think you would do better to pay heed to the TLS, rather than the Olive Press “Opinion” pieces.

  5. Jenny that was a fantastic article. I read a lot by Fiske Harrison last year. He got things so wrong, and in so much depth too. People do not realise that most Spanish are against Bullfighting. Nothing more excruciating than listening to a British person saying how good Spanish fighting bulls are treated before they are spectacularly killed.

  6. Jenny: Hey! You’ve got me all wrong. Far from going along with the O.P. “Opinion” piece, I vehemently disagree with it.
    In fact, I’m extremely disappointed with the view that is held there. Perhaps you have only just begun to pay attention to the subject of bull-bashing in this “comment” space. If so, it would pay to check back on other threads about this subject. You will find me going head to toe against enthusiasts for this particular horror. (And being mightily slagged off for my troubles too!)
    I won’t have anything to do with the nonsense that is facebook, so if there is another way I can sign your petition, then bring it on.

  7. Stop being so goddamned lazy and do the research on the popularity before pouring your drivel onto the Internet.


  8. Mr Stevens, I agree, that is excrutiating!

    Stefanjo, sorry, I did get you all wrong. I’m not a regular here. It’s not my petition, but a good one to sign is against the barbaric and pathetic Toro de la Vega, where a bull is chased around and killed with lances by ruffians on horses in Tordesillas (even the name of that benighted city makes me feel sick). In English here:

    and in Spanish here:

    Alexander Fiske-Harrison: feeling a little bruised by the reviews? Not as bad as having daggers stuck in your neck for entertainment(¿or is it “arte”?)though, is it?


  9. Reviews? The book got amazing reviews and was shortlisted for a national book prize… Again. Research. Starting with the letters exchange that followed that article. I had reviewed Rowlands before he reviewed me. “http://intothearena.wordpress.com/2012/05/14/the-times-literary-supplement-a-dispute-of-animal-rights/”

    Bruised? What planet do you Internet commenters live on?

  10. So you’re main arguments FOR torturing bulls are the tremendously tedious meat eating industry one, bulls are ‘looked after’ (before being spectacularly killed), and that it is ART.

    You simply come across a bit pompous on here, trying to talk like some kind of dandy, with no real argument. I expected a bit more after all you’ve said, written at great length, and done.

    I’m not impressed with you appearing on this tv network that gives a voice to terrorists by the way.

    Please don’t waste anymore of your life.

  11. Please delete my above comment – it makes NO sense without the video link I put on.

    Search for ‘Alexander Fiske-Harrison’ in Google. It’s the video a few down.

  12. How anyone can defend bullfighting is beyond me.it is a sickening,vile spectacle.The matadors are just pathetic cowa
    rds.it would
    Be great to see them in a boxing ring and have a fair fight lets see if he swaggering arrogance they show would be the same.i somehow think not.SCUM.

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