17 Aug, 2013 @ 08:30
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Spanish police bust sophisticated marijuana processing lab


DUBBED Operation “Britania”, Spain’s National Police have busted and dismantled a sophisticated laboratory with 900 marijuana plants in Andújar, Jaén province in southern Spain.

Two UK citizens have been arrested and 900 marijuana plants along with ten kilograms of narcotics have been seized.

The investigation began in early June with the cooperation of citizens in the area, who had reported the possible existence of a marijuana plantation in the industrial Andújar Station area.

Thanks to the surveillance of National Police deployed in the area, officers noticed two people coming and going in the area. When asked for their identification and what they were doing in the area at such an early hour of the morning, the men said they were renting the building.

Said building turned out to be a sophisticated hydroponic greenhouse. On inspection, officers discovered a greenhouse for the intensive cultivation of marijuana plants. as well as a large cold room and attic which had been converted into a laboratory complex for the production, processing and preparation of narcotic substance.

The greenhouse had high pressure lamps, electric timers, a framework and system for automated irrigation and fertilizer distribution. It is calculated that this would have produced around four crops a year.
The greenhouse comprised several different electrical appliances, water equipment, fertilizers, turbines, fans, air conditioners, exhaust and other equipment. According to estimates, the value could exceed 30,000 euros.

It is also possible that electricity was being used fraudulently in the operation, as the electricity cables do not appear to pass through the normal metering system.

This initiative of the National Police is run through seeking citizen cooperation to combat drug trafficking on both a small and large scale, through the Twitter profile @policia.


  1. Processing lab? WTF???

    It’s a greenhouse no more. Marijuana is a natural plant, a healthy plant and all. People need to stop being such hypocrits drinking alcohol or swallowing sleeping pills and pain killers are all much worse than smoking some grass.

    But the pharmacutical industry would love you to stay ignorant, as it can’t earn as much money on a plant as they can on synthetic drugs.

  2. Enough with prohibition. It has NEVER worked.
    Even the USA, who caused all the trouble in the first place for corrupt gains, has now deciminalised in MOST states, and actually legalised in 2.

  3. what about the thousends and thousends of Mariuhana plants , grown in the open in Raquera ? They all have been harvested and ? where are they ? no arrests ? Guess the gpeople whos cultivated them where no xpats….

  4. All sensible comments above,
    but it was the legalised narcotic barons/alcohol and nicotine who insisted that this plant be made illegal.

    Strange you never hear of big heroin busts, now how can that be – ah I know – big bungs to the right people and that applies across Europe as a whole.

    Indeed in the UK there are many who join the police who only want to work in the drug and antique squads – lots of lovely big bungs to look the other way.

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