TORREGUARDIARO beach was briefly closed by police yesterday following the arrival of a two-metre long shark close to the shore.

Local police and the Seprona Environmental section of the Guardia Civil were alerted to its presence by a beach goer, who had seen it in a zone next to Sotogrande port and called the emergency number.

Bathers were ordered to leave the water until it moved away.

Experts believe it was a blue shark which prefers cool waters and can migrate long distances.

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  1. Do people know that Great Whites inhabit the Med. They breed in an area south of Sicily, and migrate through the Straits of Gibraltar during the winter, when people generally are not swimming. One of the largest Great Whites ever caught was in the Med.

  2. I was not aware of the great whites hanging out in the area. However, sharks are in every ocean and generally do not bother people. Is the picture of a black tip reef shark, or is that the actual one seen locally?

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