BLOOMBERG has refused to cut footage of prime minister Mariano Rajoy being grilled about the Barcenas affair in a recent interview.

The prime minister’s team ordered television producers not to air his responses to questions relating to the alleged system of irregular payments and cash bonuses organised by ex-Popular Party (PP) treasurer Luis Barcenas posed by interviewer Sara Eisen.

The New York-based journalist quizzed the prime minister, who until now has tried to avoid commenting on the matter, during an interview about the country´s economic recovery.

When questioned about two hard drives which went missing from computers used by the former treasurer at party headquarters Rajoy said he didn´t have any idea whether they had been destroyed, or any evidence that they had been.

He said most of the things that have been said about him and his colleagues since the emergence of the scandal had been untrue,

Eisen even asked the PM if he would consider stepping down if evidence emerged any of the three PP general election campaigns he has headed up were illegally funded.

In a response reminiscent of his initial reaction to the allegations, Rajoy said: “There are things that cannot be shown and so it doesn’t make any sense to say you can show this or you can’t, because there was no illegal financing.”

Sources at Bloomberg said the station had refused to cut the footage for reasons of journalistic integrity.


  1. Come on Bloomberg, have you swallowed a dictionary? The poor guy does speaks no English except for the use of the word Gibraltar and even says that in a Spanish accent! Do your seriously expect him to understand the word “integrity”? You could at least have done him the courtesy of a translation.
    But remember there are many false friends in the Spanish language, embarasada = pregnant and not embarrassed, constipada = blocked nose not constipated, perpetuidad = until such a time as we manage to bore you into submission and not the expected perpetuity, no = ask me again in 10 minutes, not ever a straight NO!

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