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Picardo fights back at claims Gibraltar government helped criminals

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THE chief minister is fighting back over claims that his government protected drug smugglers and money launderers.

Lawyers acting for Fabian Picardo have launched a legal battle against right wing Spanish association Manos Limpias over statements made earlier this summer.

On its website the group claimed that Picardo was ‘protecting money laundering, smuggling and drug trafficking’.

It continued: “We are not accusing him of being behind the crimes but of protecting and tolerating them, of not stopping them.”

Picardo’s lawyers claim the website defamed and damaged his reputation, causing him “considerable hurt, distress and embarrassment.”

Manos Limpias failed to respond to a request for an apology, a retraction and an offer of damages in summer with Miguel Bernard, secretary general of Manos Limpias, commenting: “We are not going to let ourselves be blackmailed.”

He added: “Who does this individual think he is? He is on another planet, we are not his slaves. Who is he to order us to withdraw our accusations? He thinks he is a prince on his little bit of land.”

A claim form and detailed particulars of the case have now been filed in the Supreme Court in Gibraltar by Mr Picardo’s lawyers, Hassans.

The documentation includes certified Spanish translations of all the documents, which will be served on the defendants in Madrid.

Mr Picardo’s lawyers want the court to issue a restraining order preventing further publication of the claims, as well as damages for libel.

The row started after Manos Limpias alleged Gibraltar was in breach of EU environmental law when it began construction of an artificial reef this summer.

Manos Limpias achieved some notoriety in the international press after filing a lawsuit against the controversial investigating judge Baltasar Garzon.

The group was outraged that the left wing judge was attempting to get a new law that investigated the extremes of the far right during the Spanish Civil War.

Ironically Garzon and Picardo have become friends over recent months and Garzon is also now advising him on how to deal with the Spanish government and other threats.

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  1. ’bout bloody time!
    There are MANY right wing extremist fascists in this country, sneaking about in the dark, making everything worse for civilised people.
    I hope they get sued into oblivion.

  2. The article is vague.

    the text denounced by Picardo is part of a complaint by Manos Limpias against Picardo and others authorities of Gibraltar for the dumping of the blocks of concrete.

    Clean Hands has hundreds of complaints against different people for different reasons.

  3. Manos Limpias is the most inappropriate name they could have chosen. They are a group who stand against democracy, education and reason. They showed their true colours filing that complaint against Garzon…there are no words to describe scum like that.

  4. Anselmo: Compared to those he has opposed, Garzon may not be a God but he’s pretty saint-like. Along with Senor Gordillo, Spain can at least boast two honest men. A bitter irony that they are more vilified for their efforts, than the mob who actually run things.

  5. “http://www.intereconomia.com/noticias-gaceta/politica/las-querellas-contra-garzon-paso-paso”

    “May 27, 2009 . – The Supreme Court (SC ) declared admissible the complaint for trespass to the right-wing union Manos Limpias presents against Garzón as they believed that it had jurisdiction to investigate disappearances during the Civil War and the Franco regimen, knowing He was not.

    June 12, 2009 . – The lawyers who accused Garzon income received during their academic leave in New York , between
    2005 and 2006 , Antonio and José Luis Mazon Panea , Supreme presented in another complaint against the magistrate for possible bribery , breach of trust and fraud, after the first complaint was filed by the High Court .

    December 9, 2009 . – The lawyer and former prosecutor of the Audiencia Nacional Ignacio Peláez , defender of businessman Jose Luis Ulibarri , accused in the ” Gürtel ” , presented in a complaint Supreme trespass against Garzon for ordering communications espionage in prison among several defendants and their attorneys .”

    The second reference could not be judged because the trial procedured were delayed too much and failed deadlines.

  6. I suggest that you check the page of Manos Limpias to make sure that the hundreds of complaints that this association has made against different people. In all cases, I think, It show good intent.

    Please, tell me a concrete example of infunded vilification against Garzon or Gordillo.

  7. Manos Limpias – who the hell do you think you are? You’re nothing but a minor puppet within the crooked political regime.
    When people like you disappear it will give Spain a chance to get back on its feet.

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