18 Nov, 2013 @ 14:30
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Gibraltar cleared of tax and money laundering matters

gibraltar pic
View of the Rock from Spain

THE European Commission (EC) insists there are no ‘well-founded’ claims against Gibraltar on the issues of tax and money-laundering matters.

Commissioner Michel Barnier made the comments in response to written questions from Gibraltar MEP Graham Watson.

He pointed out that Gibraltar’s legislation in the relevant areas is up to date.

The EC verdict is a blow to Spain, which made accusations that Gibraltar is a tax haven and a centre for money-laundering.

Claire Wilson

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  1. The Spanish accusations regarding Gibraltar being a centre for money laundering are just as pathetic as the Spanish claims that Gibraltarians do not have the right to self-determination. All of this from the only country in western Europe that does not recognize Kosovo’s independence.

  2. is that right about Kosovo? but why?

    As for this story – the title should be “As Expected, and already known by all developed countries…”

    Why don’t you (op) include the rest of the story. “In another attempt to sully the image of Gib, and distract people from domestic problems…”

    Isnt it time to state clearly the background story?

  3. Just another example of Spain and double standards. What about Ceuta and Malilla and Llivia. When is Spain going to hand these enclaves back to there respective countries?

  4. It’s almost funny that the Spanish government would make such allegations against Gib when their own government officials are up to the eyeballs in allegations/court cases of corruption, moneylaundering, misppropriation of public funds.. from local Town Halls, Juntas up to the PM level+!
    Fortunately for the accused Spanish, they will likely DIE OF OLD AGE before their court cases are resolved

  5. BritBob

    It is not good to mix so many different topics. Now we have an evidence about Gibraltar is not a money laundering. But the Spanish Government , and others, continue to hold these allegations , even the Danish television

    Regarding the other two items you have included in your comment .

    Self determination of the people of Gibraltar:

    The UN does not recognize the right to self-determination to an existing colony in the territory of a state, because it would be against the territorial integrity of that state and, by implication , agains the reason of existence of the UN itself .
    Independence of Kosovo

    Kosovo is not recognized by the UN (“https://www.un.org/es/members/index.shtml”) because Serbia does not recognize it as an independent state , in addition to many other countries such as Greece , Cyprus , Romania and Slovakia. ( “http://www.eldiario.es/internacional/Kosovo-vuelve-llamar-puerta-Espana_0_124237816.html” ) .

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