22 Nov, 2013 @ 10:29
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Spanish government draft new bill to crack down on unauthorised protests

Protestors march in Madrid

PARTICIPANTS in unauthorised demonstrations could be slapped with fines of €600,000 if a new law is passed.

Under the Citizen Security bill, due to be drafted next week, any ´social uproar´ leading to harassment or insults of officials will be made a criminal offence.

Unsanctioned protests outside political offices will be outlawed, alonside disorderly conduct by people hindering any means of identification.

People offering sexual services in the vicinity of children´s play areas will also be made illegal.

Other offenses deemed serious are to include publishing images or personal data of policement, interrupting public events, posession of illegal drugs, vandalism of public property and drinking alcohol on the street.

Claire Wilson

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  1. Spain becomes more authoritarian every day.

    Insult a policeman, get a fine from €1,001 to €30,000. Grow your own cannibis for personal consumption, and get fined from €1,001 to €30,000. Protest outside the home or workplace of a political figure (escraches) and get a fine from between €30,001 to €600,000. Cover your face in a protest, €1,001 to €30,000 fine. Organise an unauthorised demonstration and receive a fine between €30,001 and €600,000. Photograph a policeman, and get a €30,001 to €600,000 fine. Oh, and no more of the (in)famous botellóns – youths now get a €1,001 to €30,000 fine for that too.

  2. Under the current PP government Spain is going backwards. When I came to Spain I thought it was a forward looking democracy, now it takes on the appearance of a South American dictatorship as each day goes by. With these huge fines I will be fearful of looking at a GC officer.

  3. Fred,
    to be fair AFAIK virtually every European country has brought in this kind of Fascist control, not least the UK.

    Brits are far too servile to do anything about it but talking with Dutch/Belgian and German friends there is clearly now a groundswell of anger building up across Europe.

    The political class across Europe is drunk with power and contempt for ordinary people – it can only end one way.

  4. Compare and contrast what has happened to the Greenpeace protesters in the “Russian” Arctic and these proposals. Hard to see the difference between “Hooliganism” (up to seven years chokey) and this “social uproar”. Bit by bit, fascism with its social control, slowly grips Europe. As Stuart says, it’s NOT just Spain.

  5. Boulder – well said.

    Fred, this is a blog about Spain but it does not stand apart from the rest of Europe.

    Do not forget that when the democracies (I use that word loosely) turned their backs on the democratically elected republican government it was the green light for Hitler and Mussolini to realise their dreams of conquest – why should’nt it perform the same function today?

  6. Stuart : you are correct…..if you read Hitler”s “mein Kampf”
    you will find the blue-print of Europa today…..A united economy, ruled by one central governement, a Europeen police force, and less freedom for the people ( sheeple)…with high sanctions to who ever diagrees….achtung….

    It feels like we are about to loose the rights that our fathers and their fathers before them sheded their blood for..
    It took decenia to earn them, it takes years to loose them..

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