SCIENTISTS have come up with the formula for the perfect Christmas dinner.

They’ve worked out the exact portion sizes to leave you satisfied rather than stuffed and concluded – it´s best to include a good range of different ingredients.

The perfect plate was created for Aldi by TV food psychologist, Dr David Lewis, of Channel 4’s Secret Eaters and eating expert Dr Margaret Yufera-Leitch.

They identified how the unique blend of protein and amino acid found in turkey, carbohydrates in potatoes, vitamins and minerals in vegetables and the sweet taste of cranberry sauce, all work together to make a traditional Christmas dinner the ideal meal.

After the main course they suggest a 28g slice of Christmas pudding, mince pie and a fresh clementine.

Dr Lewis said: “It’s not just the taste of the turkey and all the trimmings, or the memories it evokes of Christmases past, that make roast turkey such a favourite at Christmas.

“It’s the variety of colours, tastes, aromas and textures in a traditional Christmas dinner that has guests’ mouths watering before they have even tasted a mouthful.”

Dr Lewis added: “When you then look at the effects each different ingredient has on the body, it becomes clear why a good Christmas dinner really is the perfect plate of food.”

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