By Tom Powell and Jamie Micklethwaite

COSTA del Sol fraudster Nigel Goldman is hiding out in a classic English country cottage under the false name ‘Howard del Monte’.

Goldman – aka ‘Del Monte’ – has also returned to the business of buying and selling coins, stamps and antiques, it can be revealed.

Renting on a six month lease in the charming Berkshire village of Kintbury, he and his partner Suzanne Couling are peddling their wares via a joint Ebay account called ‘Bensons Emporium’.

Village post office staff told the Olive Press that he regularly collects parcels addressed to ‘Del Monte’, and also ‘sends many packages’.

Goldman fled Spain last year amid accusations of fraud, leaving behind dozens of victims owed a total of €15 million.

While he refused to answer questions, he seems happy living with Couling, her two daughters and two cats in the modest three-bedroom property.

While the pair are Kintbury’s hottest topic of conversation, they are rarely seen and ‘keep themselves to themselves’. Couling’s family live nearby in Hungerford.

In fact, the secretive man from Del Monte is seemingly only ever seen leaving the house to go to the post office.

Kintbury cottage
Goldman and Couling’s quaint rented village home

When the Olive Press confronted him in his countryside retreat, Goldman refused to come to the door, instead briefly poking his head out of his bedroom window.

“I have nothing to say to you, but I look forward to meeting you again,” he called down.

His hair was disheveled, but he did not have the moustache some have claimed he is now sporting as part of his disguise.

The previous morning, Couling was seen leaving the house at 9am to load up their silver Vauxhall Zafira with boxes and head off, possibly to a car boot sale.

One neighbour explained that the day they moved into the house, a traffic warden arrived and issued the couple with a parking ticket.

“I don’t understand why he hasn’t been arrested, if a traffic warden can find him then surely the police can,” said the neighbour, who wished to remain anonymous.

“Everyone in the village knows he’s Goldman, whatever name he goes under.”

Goldman, who deleted his Facebook account recently, is currently being investigated for failing to return millions of euros to investors in his financial companies.

Various victims told the Olive Press that they are practically destitute after losing their life savings to his schemes, that included bogus investments in Morocco.

The conman, known for his newspaper columns and radio shows, sucked punters into an elaborate ponzi scheme, promising them sizeable returns.

However the addicted gambler was unable to keep his promises and was forced to flee his luxury million euro home, in Marbella, with Couling last October.

He has since visited Morocco and Portugal, but has chosen to lay his hat down in Kintbury, a far cry from the Costa del Sol high-life he clearly loved.


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Daily Mail:

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  1. GREAT WORK OLIVE PRESS! And with this public information about the location of this alledged fraudster in the UK, the local UK Police are…. where?! Well maybe no matter – if/when/ever he’s arrested there, a Judge will likely give this multi-million pound fraudster an ASBO or jail sentence of 12 months… suspended for 2 YEARS. UK jails are crowded!
    and they do NOT have any more Flat Screen TVs or Gym sets…
    From the recent info, prisoners get better treatment than Retired persons who paid into the “system”, except for UK Politicians, of course

  2. Amazing that this ‘story’ gets headlines when the convicted paedophile Max Clifford gets demoted – I understand Goldman is potless – and your story bears that out – if he had stolen the 15 million euros you suggest, he would hardly be hiding out in a small rented cottsge now, would he?

  3. I agree totally with the above and if Nigel Goldman was wanted by the Police he would surely have been picked up by now, especially as you say he has been travelling to and from Portugal and Morocco, I thought wanted criminals got arrested at Passport control nowadays. Where is the Red Ferrari? Rather different to a battered old Vauxhall! This is typical Olive Press hype and speculation and I am sure there is another side to this story.

  4. @ Stan, Michael & Rob – remember we are talking about actions of UK Immigration amd Police. If a Romanian indicted for murder in Spain, with a European Arrest Warrant, “somehow” immigrates into the UK, and only gets arrested because UK Police were tipped off to his residence there .. what do you think about Government’s Immigration Control & Police protection of UK citizens?

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