THE Algarrobico hotel gets another paint job as Carboneras residents fight back against Greenpeace.

Many people living nearby – who are in favour of the hotel – have voiced their opinion through their own graffiti.

Residents have painted over the ‘i’ in Greenpeace’s ‘ilegal hotel’ message, so it now reads ‘legal hotel’.

They also added: ‘Hotel, yes! 100% legal. Work, yes – unemployment, no!’

More than 200 people attended the ‘peaceful’ event this morning, gathering outside the front of the hotel.

The event organiser Pascual Diaz said: “Honestly, the residents want the hotel to open. We don’t know if it’s legal or not, but it would mean a great boost in employment in the area.”

He added that Greenpeace’s action had ‘overwhelmed’ residents in the town of Carboneras.

Local businesses even donated the cans of black paint for the rally.

Nearly 100 Greenpeace activists previously painted an 8,000 square metre black circle on the front of the building with ‘ilegal hotel’ spelled out in white letters.

The non-governmental organisation claims the hotel is a ‘black spot’ on the otherwise beautiful coastline.

The NGO demands that the Junta demolishes the hotel immediately, claiming it to be illegally built on public land.


  1. Increible que el Ayuntamiento de Carboneras actúa a favor del dueño de este miserable proyecto de hotel, que se salta todas las normas urbanísticas y del sentido común. ¡Qué simplismo y falta de perspectiva!

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