ALMOST a quarter of Spanish diners are skipping dessert and coffee when eating out, in a bid to cut their bill and save money.

It is not calories on their mind though, but saving cash as a further 35% are opting for cheaper restaurants, according to marketing consultants Nielsen.

Another 40% admitted to sticking to the menu of the day, where they may have eaten ‘a la carte’ in the past.

An overwhelming 90% claimed to be ‘hypersensitive’ regarding the price of their meal out.

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  1. More crap Stefanjo.. Most Spanish diners near us have healthy fruit dishes for dessert (The Spanish that is). While the moaning Brits (you get on here) are eating ice cream to wash down their burger & chips/ketchup meals, because they’ve no imagination when it comes to asking for things in restaurants, unlike the Spanish!

    How many menus do you see Spanish people looking at? Or hear Brits, like yourself, saying how dull the menus are. How bad desserts are.

    Another shameful British Gump!

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