ONE large dollop of classy French cooking has been added to Tarifa’s competitive dining scene.

Petit Bistro has been refurbished and reborn with a new menu combining owners Veronica Rodriguez and Benoit Mangeon’s French influences with the best local produce.

The pair, who have been in Tarifa for 15 years, have created one of the must visit restaurants in town.

The pair started out selling crepes in a backstreet of the town before launching their own crepe business Santa Fe.But Petit Bistro is a complete departure.

We started with a refreshing basil-perfumed gazpacho, followed by thin cut foie gras made by Benoit (pictured) himself, presented immaculately with quince chutney and tomato marmalade.

The ‘crujiante’ is a wholly intriguing dish, combining rich French cheese with crunchy rosti nests, caramelized onion jelly and balsamic freshness.

Benoit’s addition of cinnamon-spiced apple to Greek classic moussaka is also a touch of genius.

But it wouldn’t be petit bistro without crepes, and an extensive list is available for those with a sweet tooth.

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