25 Sep, 2014 @ 14:27
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Prostitution and illegal activities worth €9 billion of Spain’s GDP

PROSTITUTION and other illegal activities such as drug trafficking are finally being included in Spain’s gross domestic product bringing it up by €9 billion.

Figures released on Thursday for 2013 brought Spain’s GDP to €1,05 trillion with 0.35% of it coming from prostitution and 0.50% from drug trafficking.

Spain’s national statistics agency calculated the number of prostitutes – which came up to 300,000 in 2011 – and how much they made in consultation with sex clubs.

The quantity of drugs seized in 2014 was estimated as a percentage of the whole illegal drugs industry and used to evaluate it.

Jacqueline Fanchini (Reporter)

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  1. Another one of Spain’s dirty secrets,its sex industry. In Fuengirola there are several whore houses which operate quite openly. Of course prostitution in Spain is another grey area and I believe it’s excatly legal (apart for the tax issue) for a pair of consenting adults to conduct in a money transaction for sex. What is a illegal is prostitues are not aloud to solicit for sex in public places which is what all the whore house do. There is a particular famous one in Carvajal in Fuengirola which recently got planning permission and built a huge extension to its property ( well done town hall). The place is not only famous for prostitues but also a place know to buy drugs which are sold by girls to punters.
    I personally have no problem with prostitution if it is control like Amsterdam but when girls here are exploited, selling drugs and soliciting for sex in public places under the nose of the police /town hall there is something wrong.
    Of course during the summer my business was raided by 15 national police looking for drugs, they stop my staff serving, heavy handly searched everyone and basically caused mayhem for an hour. They found nothing and seeing my business has a good reputation and is 99% legal it did seem a waste of time, but hey I am not a whore house and I do things right, that is obviously where I am going wrong

  2. @ Mark…sounds like sour grapes to me, Mark. I would hardly call the Club you mentioned ‘a public place’…everyone and anyone can see it for what it is, there is very little chance of a sweet little ‘innocent’ person entering it under any illusion of it being anything else other than what it is…a nightclub, populated by hotel clients, who all happen to be ladies of the night…

    The drug problem is not that prevalent, imho and experience. I have never seen drugs being offered in the public nightclub, and believe me, I’ve spent more hours there than most people have had hot dinners.

    The girls are hardly exploited, by the Club, other than paying for their board and lodgings. If they are exploited at all, it is by outside pimps, which the Club would throw out if they caught them operating there.

    BTW, I have no attachment or connection to the Club mentioned, other than as a generally satisfied customer.

  3. Fair enough John, I am not actually against prostitues or the concept of a whore house, as long as it ran correctly and girls not exploited. You maybe right about the place I mentioned but i do know of many cases of innocents walking in there. Of course it is pretty obvious what it is once inside but it still makes a joke of the law especially when other businesses are targeted by the police for no reason.

  4. @reap:
    I am not sure how true that is but to have 2 very over the top heavy inspections/raids in 3 years just seem over the top. Both my lawyer and gestor thing I am being targeted but someone who is rival with influence. The thing is IMO I am a good example of a foreigner who has intergrated, I have a bar for locals, employ locals and buy local

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