HUNDREDS of previously unseen photographs of Pablo Picasso have been released, offering an insight into the man behind the paint brush.  

The vast personal archive has been released for the first time by Picasso’s grandson, Bernard Ruiz-Picasso, to be studied by world-renowned art historian Sir John Richardson.

Among the intimate collection are images of Picasso playing with his dogs as well as snaps of his first wife Olga and his celebrated mistress Dora Maar.

Richardson said: “They are a mass of hundreds and hundreds of photographs which have never been seen. They’re a revelation.

“They are from all time periods and are fascinating when you compare them to certain paintings or events in his life. It opens up his life. It is absolutely astonishing.”

Richardson is the author of an acclaimed three-volume biography, A Life of Picasso, and is now working on the fourth.

He describes the photographs as a ‘revelation’ and is sure that they will help the world understand the private life ‘of one of the greatest ever artists’.

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