THE world’s most glamorous football team may soon have the world’s most glamorous sponsor.

Real Madrid chiefs have called a press conference for tomorrow after holding talks with technology giants Microsoft in Spain’s capital today.

It has been rumoured that the talks are to do with the naming rights for Real Madrid’s iconic Bernabeu Stadium.

President Florentino Perez spoke recently about giving the stadium a ‘new surname’ and now it seems the Santiago Bernabeu Microsoft stadium is a frontrunner.

Madrid are looking for ways to finance planned renovation work at the stadium.

The announcement is scheduled to be made at 6.30pm tomorrow evening from the Bernabeu.


  1. Looks like an uncoordinated ad step for Microsoft. Football fans are going to buy Microfost SOFTWARE because their name is shown third on a FOOTBALL stadium – I think not! Real Madrid is already one of the richest teams in football – look at what they pay their management, coaches and players.
    If Microsoft is doing this to show their corp. “support of Spain”, why not directly help solve some of Spain’s major problems effecting THOUSANDS, like high UNemployment for those under 25 (even with a college degree!)- hire & train hundreds to operate several call centers throughout Spain to serve Microsoft users in Europe and the UK, pay to conduct an Executive Search program to recruit Spanish speaking Judges to help reduce the backlog of trials taking YEARS against corrupt officials, et al. Name on a stadium = blah!

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