MORE photos are emerging of the ‘blonde bombshell’ partner of British killer Victor Kainth, who killed an alleged German paedophile in Sotogrande.

The ‘real Cockney London’ girl – called Gemma – is well-known around the luxury resort for her bleached blonde hair and ‘cracking body’.

According to one waitress in a Sotogrande bar, she ‘always turns heads when she walks in’.

The couple moved to live in the millionaire’s enclave full-time a year ago, and have become famous faces in the resort thanks to their ‘matching his and hers black and white Range Rovers’ and their expensive spending habits.

Victor Kainth has been charged with suspicion of homicide, after beating German expat Sandro Rottman to death in Sotogrande on Saturday night.

A fight broke out between the two men after Kainth caught Rottman taking video footage of his child.


  1. What is happening with Olive Press, I open your site and the first 5 stories are about the same subject. The story may be newsworthy but not this much. My advice is add to the main story with new information that you think in relevant with a note that it has been added and keep it as one news stream.

  2. One report I read in another paper that could be false stated that a witness said he punched the man about 20 times. Personally, if the ipad had bad images on it he would have done better taking that to the police rather than leaving your kids and Wife / Partner with no father and income. If you want to kill someone and you have half a brain it is best done when there are no witnesses around but unfortunately the gym muscleman tough image has to be shown to let others know you are macho but not so clever between the ears – thick and not in control.

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