THE Mediterranean sea is playing host to so much litter – plastics in particular – that it is seriously endangering most marine species.

Litter on Mediterranean shores
Litter on Mediterranean shores

In 79 studies since 1986, the Spanish Institute of Oceanography (ICO) has found traces of litter in almost all creatures examined.

Scientists found sea turtles and cetaceans to be the worst affected.

Creatures that eat plastic will asphyxiate and 73% of vulnerable marine species are at risk of extinction if the trend continues.

The UN environment programme claims that plastic accounts for 83% of all litter in the Mediterranean, compared with 17% from paper, metal, wood and textiles.


  1. Local fishermen are the worst on the CDS. They leave fishing line, plastic bags. Pizza boxes right at the edge of the shore. We have picked it up so many times. Go out in a boat a couple of miles offshore and it is horrific to see all the stuff floating around.

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