CHEERS: The festival venue

FUENGIROLA’S Sohail castle has been transformed into a German beer fortress for July. 

The eight edition of the Spanish Oktoberfest will showcase a plethora of German beer and typical Bavarian food until July 19.

There will be various special events, including all the German sausage you can wrap your lips around for just €1 each on July 7 and 14.

While on July 9, anyone who turns up purely in white will be treated to a free ½ litre of beer.

Daily live performances from German musicians are also set to light up the castle’s spectacular inner courtyard.


  1. Having supped some really good beer from various micro breweries in southern Germany I really do think it’s time to abandon the rigidity of brewing laws in Germany that dictates that only malt,hops and water maybe used. If the micro brewereies especially had the freedom to experiment with additional ingredients – aka Summer Lightening from the Hopback brewery which uses Coriander seed then I feel that some different and stonkingly good beers could see the light of day in Germany.
    I’d still wish I could visit for the beer, German food is not for me.

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