THE traditional white and red garb of bull runners in Pamplona has been appropriated by another group: protesters standing up against the mistreatment of women.

Protesters carried signs bearing this symbol
Protesters carried signs bearing this symbol

Despite the efforts made by the local government by deploying a special police force to monitor the festivities for sexual assault, hundreds of people demonstrated outside the Pamplona Town Hall on Monday following a reported sexual assault.

The National Police of Pamplona are investigating a 19-year-old British woman who reported being assaulted in the bathroom at a bar, but no arrests have been made yet.

Organized by the Women Against Sexist Violence Platform and Pamplona’s Gora Iruñea Collective, the protesters held signs declaring, “Basta ya!” or “Enough already!”

The organizations also called for bars to stop playing music from midnight to 12:30 to show solidarity.

Even before the festival started, gender and sexual violence activists organized campaigns through the municipal government to raise awareness about the sexual harassment and abuse women face every year during the festival.

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