planeMAYBE they’re intrepid or maybe it’s the weather, but Brits are the biggest travellers in Europe, a recent survey has revealed.

UK residents visit an average of nine countries and fly 16 times over the course of their lives, while the average Spaniard visits six countries and boards a plane 13 times.

Unsurprisingly, less than one in 10 Spaniards travel ‘to escape bad weather’, while a similarly low 12% of Brits prioritised good weather in their holiday plans.

The main travel motive for the British is to enjoy time with family (38%), while Spaniards get away to relieve stress (48%) – not such a priority for the French (19%).

The Last study on 6,000 itchy-footed Europeans across the UK, France, Italy, Germany and Spain was in honour of World Tourism Day on September 27.

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