TarifaTWO suspected drug smugglers have been arrested after they were allegedly seen dragging bundles of hash from the sea.

Algeciras Guardia Civil detained the men in Tarifa after a special monitoring device to combat drug smuggling was placed on the coast at Punta Paloma.

The two men were allegedly seen opening the bundle and hiding packets of hash in their clothes.



  1. The Dutch smugglers used to use a very simple and effective way to beat the Dutch Duoane. They would deliberately dump some inferior hash in the sea at the right time for the incoming tide to take it ashore. Once people saw this they would rush to the area and someone would always contact the Douane, who would concentrate in the area, leaving the smugglers to land the good stuff up the coast.

    All Customs/Drug agencies should be concentrated in catching the heroin/cocaine traffickers, not soft stimulants like hash/ganja but the legalised drug barons always call the shots.

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