Renters Spain San SEbastianSOUTHERN Spain has the sun, the beaches – and some of the country’s lowest property prices.

But northern city dwellers are being hit hard, a new report shows.

The study by comparison website shows the average national property price for an 80sq metre flat is €131,000, but that figure rises to a whopping €328,080 in San Sebastián, and €269,520 in Barcelona.

In Jaen, a similar-sized apartment will set you back just €89,600.

Spanish renters pay on average €561.60 a month, rising to €940 in San Sebastian, and €970.40 in Barcelona.

The report, which looked at living costs in 50 provincial capitals plus Melilla and Ceuta, judged Caceres in Extremadura to be Spain’s cheapest city.

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  1. So, according to this article, average rent is €560, this must relate to an apartment since that is what most Spanish live in.

    We left Guadix in August 2009 and the rent for our standard 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom + toilet and another seperate toilet + balcony and rooftop storage unit was €256. There is no way that rent has more than doubled. I’ll bet if I went back Miguel the owner would snatch my hand off, if I offered him €200.

    I’m not surprised costs are way higher up north, that’s where all the wealth is, hence Madrid’s refusal to consider independence for Cataluyna and Pais Vasco. If those two regions secede, it’s unrelenting poverty for the rest of the regions.

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