ryanairA MAN threatened to ‘blow up’ a plane after he was refused a beer onboard a Ryanair flight in Spain.

The passenger – travelling from Tenerife to Santiago de Compostela – was arrested when the flight landed after making the fake bomb threat.

Passengers on board said the man rose from his seat shortly before landing and shouted ‘there’s a bomb. I’m going to detonate a bomb because they won’t serve me a beer’.

As a result the plane was forced to land in a ‘secure’ part of Santiago’s airport where the middle-aged man was apprehended by the Guardia Civil.

Firefighters were also called to the scene.

A spokesman for Ryanair said: “The crew of this flight from Tenerife to Santiago (5 May) requested police assistance upon landing at Santiago, after a passenger became disruptive in-flight, who was removed and detained by police.

“We will not tolerate unruly or disruptive behaviour at any time and the safety and comfort of our customers, crew and aircraft is our number one priority. This is now a matter for local police.”


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